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Grinding Booths and Dust Collection
Grinding booths, rooms or areas are unique.
Dust collection and containment system
  » Grinding and trim areas, rooms, or booths
  » Large and small
  » Complete booth construction
  » Dust exposure elimination 10-15mg/m¬≥
  » Meet OSHA standards on exposure
  » Robotic Application
Mistingsystem (added value)
  » Help reduce dust levels
  » Cooling value during summer
Woodworking & Particulate Dust Collection System
  » Complete Design; All types Dust collection Systems    and piping collection systems
  » Robotic Application
  » Capture hoods
  » Housekeeping
  » CNC Routers
  » Zipper duct system (for large CNCtable system)
  » Rotary Air Locks
  » Air Return Systems- Safety Filter/Dust Monitoring   (Save Replacement Air)
  » Compliance - NFPA 650, 654 &664
  Grinding Booths and Dust Collection
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Replacement Air
Detail Design
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