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Industrial Ventilation
Ventilation Solutions is committed to identifying the inherent and potential hazards to industry.
Assessment of health risks and hazards of the operation.
Identify hazards
  » Health
  » Flammability
  » Physical
  » Reactivity
  » Regulator issues
 Common airborne contaminants
  » Health
  » Aerosols
  » Fumes
  » Vapors
Ventilation system, worker safety and health issues
Smoke & fume removal systems
Oil Mist Collection Systems
Welding Smoke/Fumes Exhaust Systems
Emission Control Systems
  » VOC-Capture system and end of stack controls    (Thermo oxidizers)
  » EPA method 204 permanent or temporary enclosure
  » EPA 100% capture requirement.
Code requirements
  » NFPA
  » Mechanical & Building Codes
  » Exposure monitoring & sampling
  » Permits
  Industrial Ventilation
Concept Design
Cost Estimates
Energy Issues
Replacement Air
Detail Design
Expedited & Critical Path Projects
Project Management and scheduling
Training & Maintenance
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