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Lamination and Gelcoat Areas
Ventilation Solutions and its staff has accumulated over 30 years understanding fiberglass manufacturing process and production methods.
Fiberglass & Composites Manufacturing
  » Boat manufacturing (lamination and gelcoat)
  » Tub/Shower/Spas
  » Tanks/Pipes/Filament winding
  » Fiberglass Barge Covers & Lids
  » Pool Manufacturing
  » Automotive (truck and auto parts)
  » Wind energy (turbine blades)
  » Job shops specialty parts, etc.
Ventilation system design & process
  » New mixing ventilation systems
  » Fume/vapor exposure (styrene) ventilation
  » Fumes
  » Personnel monitoring
  » Worker safety and health issues
  » Safe work practices and training
  » Exposure control strategy
  » Performance guarantee
  » Thermal oxidizer systems and equipment installation
Code Requirements
  » NFPA
  » OSHA Industrial ventilation manual (ACGIH)
  » Building codes
  » Emission requirements
  » Permits
  Lamination and Gelcoat Areas
Concept Design
Cost Estimates
Energy Issues
Replacement Air
Detail Design
Expedited & Critical Path Projects
Project Management and scheduling
Training & Maintenance
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